There have been many requests for material which would appeal to a middle years to young adult reader, but is written at a lower reading level. The following is a list of series that are working well in some of our GSSD libraries. For more information on specific titles, check out the web links or access the Resource List in the Fairview Education catalog.
Please add series you would like to recommend.
Rapid Reads (mature language and themes)
Orca Currents (reading level grades 2 – 4.5, interest level ages 10 – 14)
Orca Sounding (reading level grades 2 – 4.5, interest level ages 12+, mature themes)
The Heights (reading level grades 1.0 - 2.0, interest level ages 11 and up) *The covers would appeal to teen readers.
Additional resources available under the "Request Catalogue" link. Navigate to the left hand side and select "Shop by Category." Other Hi-Lo resources are available. It is just a little tricky to find. Thanks to Kathryn for sharing these resources. (CR)
Cindy reports that these books appeal especially to boys. Titles include: Blizzard, Score, Twister, Sail.