Standardized Fiction Genre Subject Headings

to be added in MARC 650 or Topical field of Easy Editor:

Adventure fiction

Animals - Fiction

Crime fiction

Dystopias – Fiction

Fantasy fiction

Ghost stories

Graphic novels

Historical fiction

Horror fiction

Humorous fiction

Love stories

Mystery fiction

Post-apocalyptic fiction

Realistic fiction

Science fiction

Sports - Fiction

Suspense fiction

War – Fiction

Discussion from January - June 2011 following our inservice:

GSAFD Genre Terms

- a project of OCLC the world's largest library co-operative

Finalists for a subject heading to describe young people and their problems (novels about young people dealing with bullying, illness, parental divorce, friendships, relationships, drug abuse, crime, etc.)

1. Bildungsromans

2. Teen fiction

3. Real life fiction

4. Realistic fiction

Charlotte: Even though bildungsromans is the official heading, I think it is just plain silly.

The definition of Realistic fiction genre in Fountas and Pinnell is: Realistic fiction is drawn from the writer's imagination but is true to life. It often focuses on universal human problems. - Peggy

The definition from GSAFD for bildungsromans is: Use for novels in which the theme is the development of a character from youth to adulthood. An example is Charles Dickens' Great expectations. They also suggest 'Coming of age - Fiction'. According to this definition many titles do not fit, and would probably fit in Realistic fiction.
- Katrina

Novelist also uses the term "Realistic fiction" so that term seems to be the most standardized one. -Charlotte